Statement on the Water Master Plan and the Northern Collector Tunnel Phase 1, Dated 14th October 2016

Kenya is ranked as a water scarce country and as a nation we need to invite investment and encourage sustainable innovation towards utilization of this precious and rare commodity. With the evident threat of depletion in our natural water resources which has resulted in intense scarcity compared to other East African countries, we are at the forefront in cultivating a culture of innovation and sustainability through our partners, staff and respective stakeholders in order to co-create a secure future and protect this precious resource.

As an institution, we are committed towards increasing its availability and ensuring access of safe water to all our consumers and citizens. At this age of global warming and inconsistent weather patterns we cannot afford to resist innovation. By properly utilizing the research tools in our possession we could help promote development and encourage a wave of innovation and investment towards improved water and sanitation services.

It is for this reason that we have committed our time and resources towards the development and implementation of the Water Supply Masterplan and the Northern Water Collector Tunnel. The Water Supply Masterplan addresses the short, medium and long-term development needs for the City and Satellite towns, and further defines a priority strategy to meet the 2017 water demand.  Read More…