Pre-qualification of Suppliers for 2017-2019

Category A1 Small Works for Water and Sewerage Services 2017-2019

Category A2 Small Works for Electrical and Mechanical Works

Category B3 Supply and Delivery of Construction Materials, Pipes and Fittings

Category B4 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Items

Category B5 Supply and Delivery of Furniture Office Equipment and Fittings

Category B6 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery and Consumables Including Toners and Cartridges

Category B7 Supply Delivery and Installation of Computer Equipment and Accessories 2017

Category B8 Supply and Delivery of Safaricom Airtel Telcom (Calling Cards) Category

Category B9 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniform Sports Gear and Shoes 2017

Category B10 Supply and Delivery TyresTubes and Batteries 2017

Category B11 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers 2017

Category C12 Individual Consultants for Design Technical Audits and Works Supervision – 2017

Category C13 Consultants for Design Technical Audits and Works Supervision (Firms) – 2017

Category C14 Provision of Hydrogeological Services – 2017

Category C15 Individual Consultants for Licensed Electromechanical Engineers – 2017

Category C16 Provision of Air Ticketing and Travel Arrangement Services 2017

Category C17 Provision of Fumigation and Pest Control Services 2017

Category C18 Provision of Creative Design, Layout and Printing of Magazines, Calendars, Promotional Materials, Brochures, Notebooks, Diaries and Branding 2017

Category C19 Provision of ESIA & RAP Services

Category C20 Provision of Legal Services

Category C21 Provision of Survey and Valuation Services

Category C22 Provision of Management Training HR Procurement Financial Services Customer Care ISO

Category C23 Provision of Consultancy Services for Team Building

Category C24 Production of Documentaris Photography and Videography and Related Services 2017

Category C25 Event Management , Exhibition, Decor Services, Hire of PA Systems, Projectors, Plasma Screens, Chairs, Tables Tenst and Related Services 2017

Category C26 Provision of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance of Indoor Plants Services 2017

Category C27 Provision of Professional Counselling and Psychosocial Support Services

Category C28 Provision of Asset Tagging Services

Category C29 Provision of Auctioneer

Category C30 Provision of Mainatenance Services for Equipment and Computer Accesories

Category C31 Provision of Catering Services

Category C32 Provision of Transport and Car Hire Services