Top Ministry Officials Inspect the 4th Nairobi Bulk Water Supply Projects

Mr. Simon Chelugui, Cabinet Secretary For Water and Sanitation, CAS Ms. Winnie Guchu, PS Mr. Joseph Irungu inspected various projects in Murang’a County to ascertain the progress in line with the Rapid Results Initiative which was launched by His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

The top ministry delegation inspected the Northern Collector Tunnel Phase 1 sites, Kigoro Water Treatment Plant, Raw and Treated Water Transmission pipelines in Murang’a. They were critical of the pace and demanded efficiency in implementation of the projects.

The projects inspected are part of the 4th Nairobi Bulk Water Supply which will help mitigate the rising demand for water in Nairobi County and its environs. The Northern Collector Tunnel is an integral part of initiative as it will alleviate perennial lack of water in homes by boosting water levels in Ndakaini Dam set to benefit more than 1.2 Million residents.