AWWDA Works Development Agency draws its mandate from the Water Act of 2002 which includes;
a. Ownership and custodian of water and sewerage assets/infrastructure.
b. Planning, development, and expansion of water and sewerage services infrastructure.
c. Appoint viable and well managed Water Service Providers and ensure they have appropriate systems to among others:
i. Enforce water quality monitoring,
ii. Ensure effective and efficient maintenance systems and procedures to minimize interruptions to water supplies.
d. Build capacities of Water Service Providers to embrace efficiency, accountability and responsibility in service delivery
e. Monitoring and supervision of water and sewerage services provision by WSPs.
Following the enactment of the Water Act 2016, AWWDA will transform into a Water Works Development Agency with the following responsibilities;
1. Undertake the development, maintenance and management of National Public Waterworks,
2. Operate the waterworks and provide water services as a water service provider, until such a time as responsibility for the operation and management of waterworks are handed over to a county government, joint committee, authority of county government or water services provider,
3. Provide reserve capacity for purposes of providing water services where the Regulatory Board orders the transfer of water services functions from a defaulting water services provider to another licensee,
4. Provide technical services and capacity building to such county government and water providers,
5. Provide to the cabinet secretary technical support in discharging of his or her functions under the Water Act 2016.