Leadership & Governance

The leadership of AWWDA is entrusted to a Board of Directors headed by the Chairperson. The Board reports to the Cabinet Secretary in-charge of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation which is the appointing authority. The Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership and oversight to Management. Specifically, the Board is mandated to undertake the following:

  1. Provide leadership in the management of the organization and in particular articulating the goals of the organization and planning how these goals will be achieved;
  2. Ensure that good Corporate Governance is integrated at all levels of the organization;
  3. Provide guidance to management in the development of policy in key result areas of the organization; approving policy and ensuring management compliance with the Board’s approved policy;
  4. Approve organizational structures and staff complement;
  5. Monitor management and corporate performance against the Strategic Plans and Budgets approved by the Board.
  6. Nurture positive relations with Stakeholders;
  7. Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory framework for the organization.


The Board plans to build a strong institution capable of discharging its mandate effectively. This will require focusing on leadership and governance   ; human resource development; technological resources and operational systems, including the integration of information communication technology.