Introduction to AWWDA

AWWDA Works Development Agency (AWWDA) is one of the eight (8) Water Works Development Agencies (WSBs) established under the Ministry of Water and Sanitation. It was established under the Water Act 2002 vide Gazette Notice No. 1775 of 21st March 2003. Following the enactment of the Water Act 2016, AWWDA will transform into a water works development agency with the revised responsibilities as outlined in the Act. Currently, AWWDA ensures provision of water and sewerage services to about 6.8 million people in its area of jurisdiction. The percentage of people with access to water in the urban areas under its jurisdiction is estimated to be 75% while in the rural areas, the figure is estimated at 54%. On the other hand, about 56% of people in the urban areas have access to sewerage system while 38% have access to sewerage and sanitation services in the rural areas. Currently, Athi is able to produce up to 664,337m3/day in its operating areas.