• Northern Collector 1 Tunnel Project
  • Documentary film: Nairobi Rivers Rehabilitation Project

    The documentary focuses on the Nairobi Sewerage Improvement project that is part of the larger Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and Restoration programme which aims at enhanced sustainable management of the Nairobi Rivers that support natural ecosystems regeneration, socio-economic activities and improved livelihoods. The specific objective of the program is to eliminate pollution of Nairobi rivers and protect them as alternative water sources.

    The Nairobi Rivers sewerage improvement project will increase sewerage network coverage especially targeting the high density areas which have low levels of service and are the biggest contributors to pollution in the Nairobi Rivers.

  • Be a Water Hero!
  • AWWDA Documentary

    AWWDA Documentary

  • The Nairobi Masterplan

    AWWDA docu-The Nairobi Masterplan