About NCT 1 Project

Nairobi City is the international, regional, administrative and economic hub for Kenya. The city generates approximately 60% GDP. Nairobi, the capital of Republic of Kenya, is facing chronic water shortage including its surrounding area. This is because the proposed additional water source, the Northern Collector Scheme, was not implemented as proposed in 1998. The scheme was initially planned as part of Third Nairobi Water Supply Project. The target year for implementation of the Northern Collector Phase 1 was year 2010. The expected average production capacity of the now proposed Northern Collector tunnel Phase 1 project is 1.6m3/sec (140,000m3/day) with an 84% reliability. The safe yield at Ndakaini dam will however be 1.24m3/ day with a 90% reliability.

The present water deficit in Nairobi City is 125,000m3/day. In line with the National Development Plan, Vision 2030, the Government of Kenya has prioritized improvement of water services in Nairobi City and the surrounding areas. To achieve this objectives the Northern Collector Tunnel Phase 1 project is a priority project.