Prequalified Suppliers

Category 1 – Small Works Contractors for Water and Sewerage Systems

Category 2 – Electrical and Mechanical Works

Category 3 – Supply and Delivery of Construction Materials, Pipes and Fittings

Category 4 – Supply and Delivery of Electrical Items

Category 5 – Supply and Delivery of Furniture, Office Equipment and Fittings, Shredders and Air Conditioners

Category 6 – Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery and Consumables including Toners, Cartridges

Category 7 – Supply, Delivery and Installation of Computer Equipment and Accessories, Tablets and Printers

Category 8 – Supply and Delivery of Safaricom, Orange, Airtel, Calling Cards

Category 9 – Supply and Delivery of Staff uniform, Sports Gear, Shoes

Category 10 – Supply and delivery of Tyres, Tubes, Batteries and Motor Vehicle Accessories

Category 11 – Supply and Delivery of Newspapers

Category 13 – Provision of Consultancy Services for Design and Supervision, Technical Audits of Construction Works

Category 14 – Provision of Hydrogeological Services

Category 16 – Provision of Air Ticketing and Travel Arrangements Services

Category 17 – Provision of Fumigation and Pest Control Services

Category 18 – Provision of Creative Design, Layout and Printing of Magazines, Calendars, Promotional Materials, Brochures, Notebooks, Diaries and Branding

Category 19 – Provision of ESIA and RAP services

Category 20 – Provision of Legal Services

Category 21 – Provision of Survey and Valuation Services

Category 22 – Provision Of Consultancy Services Training in Management

Category 23 – Provision of Consultancy Services for Team Building

Category 24 – Production of Documentaries, Photography and Videography Services, and Related Services

Category 25 – Event Management, Exhibitions, Décor Services

Category 26 – Provision of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance of indoor Plants Services

Category 27 – Provision of Professional Counselling & Psychosocial Support Services

Category 28 – Provision of Asset Tagging Services

Category 29 – Provision of Auctioneer Services

Category 30 – Provision of Maintenance Services for Equipment and Computer Accessories

Category 31 – Provision of Catering Services

Category 32 – Provision of Transport and Car Hire Services